Social media content ideas – where to start?

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Want to boss it on social? Then you’re going to need to come up with some great social media content ideas. 

Everyone knows that in order to grow a brand and reach a larger audience for your business or project, you need a good, solid social media presence. However, what a lot of people may struggle with is figuring out the type of content they need to upload and share on their accounts. 

Many businesses get confused and even frustrated at how despite them being active on their socials, it’s not generating any interest or any leads. The reason for this is simple: they’re not posting the right kind of content for their desired audience. Here’s a look at some social media content ideas that should help you create a better and more effective social media channel. 

Post informative & valuable content 

It’s the most cliche social media content idea out there, but that’s for a reason. When users decide what social channels to follow and engage with, they usually only pick channels where they get something out of it and whose content is valuable. There are many examples of being valuable: you could be an account where the user learns something from, an account that makes them laugh, or an account that sheds light on issues they’re passionate about. 

When posting your own content, you want to ensure that what you post is valuable. If your primary types of content are just links to your products or marketing towards a promotion you’re running, users will not connect with you as much. There’s nothing wrong with making posts like this; however, it’s best practice to ensure that the majority of your social posts are other content. 

Try sharing blog posts and how-to guides that can inform users about something in your brand’s niche. Post interesting video content giving behind-the-scenes access to your brand, and even post memes and jokes to ensure that your account is entertaining – Ikea, Innocent Smoothies, and recently Aldi in the UK have been excellent at this.

Run a contest

People love to win, so giving them the chance to win something off your brand is a great way to generate buzz and potentially add a few followers to your account too, which can be vital in helping your brand grow. 

It’s always best to run a contest if your account has reached a milestone (such as 1,000 followers) or if you’re launching a new project and want to get people excited. Running a contest is easy. First, you simply create a post announcing the contest, highlighting what’s up for grabs, what needs to be done to enter, and the time limit to do so. For most contests, the parameters needed to enter on Instagram include: 

  • Liking the post
  • Following the account
  • Commenting on the post and tagging another user. 
  • Some brands ask users to share the contest to their story for an additional entry.

As social media content ideas go, it’s not something you’re going to roll out every week. But it’s a great way to get people engaging en-mass. 

Be coherent

Regardless of the content you post, to be a success and be recognizable, you need to ensure that all your posts follow the same theme and tone of voice. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of confusing your audience, as each post will seem different from the last, which won’t help with future brand recognition. 

So, stick to the same verbiage between posts, don’t post things that seem out of character for your brand, and ensure that you maintain a dedicated colour scheme. 

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There are plenty of content ideas, too many to mention, but in reality, what you decide to do will depend on your specific niche and your audience. As long as you ensure that the majority of your content has value in some way and that you work on creating a coherent experience with a few contests and buzz-worthy promotions, you’ll be sure to find better success. 

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