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Have a tool or software solution that digital marketing teams from the UK to Australia should be using? Then we want to hear about it!

Marketing Software Manager was built to offer awesome SaaS marketing solution providers a new way of generating awareness, traffic, leads and ultimately – sales. 

Founder Arthur Wilson wanted to create a new way for businesses to generate those leads, and in a way that only cost the solutions provider when they started turning interest into customers. 

So, think G2. Think Capterra and GetApp, Sourceforge and AppVizer… but remove CPC bidding, and let’s get rid of annual membership fees costing into the thousands. 

At Marketing Software Manager, we run on an affiliate model. Better yet, we run through your existing affiliate marketing programme. We’ll direct as much traffic your way as we can. If 50% of it converts, happy days! If none of that traffic converts, it’s not cost you a penny. 

Intrigued? Then fill out the form below, preferably linking to where we can sign-up for your affiliate programme, and let’s get cracking.