2021 marketing agency software stack essentials

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The key to running a digital marketing agency successfully is to use relevant tools and software. This allows the management and automation of many parts of your business, which in turn, allows you to focus more on providing value to your clients. 

Here are some of the best apps to use for running your business smoothly. 

FYI, this article includes some affiliate links to software providers which, if you click and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission off the back of at no additional cost to you 8) 

Project management software

There isn’t an infinite number of project management solutions out there that you can call robust enough for a large agency. While many options have extensive functionality and powerful performance, others come with limited features that make users unable to gain full control of their project while using them. 

Some of the basic questions to ask when choosing the ideal project management software for your agency are: 

  • Who will use this tool?
  • Is it compatible with your existing project management methodology? If changes are implemented in the system, will the tool accommodate the modifications?
  • What failures have been identified in the current system? Does the software solve the problem? 

Key players in the market for agencies include Monday.com, Wrike and Teamwork which cost from around £215 a month for 25 employees.


Next in the list of must-haves is CRM software. Customer relationship management software provides a way for you to keep track of interactions with your customers and clients. Which software you will use depends on what you are looking to get out of it. 

Different software delivers different strengths in key areas. Ask yourself which area you need to focus on: 

  • Task management – helps users to assign tasks accordingly
  • Email marketing – email prospecting from within the software platform
  • Lead Scoring – allows scoring of leads to help divide work and focus efforts
  • Marketing Automation – useful for follow-up campaigns

Some of the most popular CRMs on the market today include PipeDrive, Freshworks and Hubspot which can cost anywhere from £75 to £410 for 5 seats.

Keyword tracking software

Your toolbox should also include keyword tracking software. Tracking keyword rankings is a critical component of your SEO campaign. As a digital marketing agency, you need to know your current website position for any keyword, and there are available tools for that. 

One to mention is SEMrush. Some consider it as the ultimate tool for tracking their website’s position for any keyword. It also helps them discover local competitors, which is an important feature if you are launching a localised campaign. 

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Other main players in this space include Accuranker, ProRank Tracker and SERanking.

Collaborative social media software

If you are trying to build collaboration among your teams for a centralised social media campaign, there are management platforms for that. 

Some social media management software, like Buffer, is designed to help social media marketers and teams work effectively. Buffer has a wide range of solutions for analytics, engagement, publishing and team collaboration. 

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For teams to be effective, team leaders need a bird’s eye view to efficiently direct workflows for both external and internal projects across multiple channels of communication. 

Outside of collab features, it’s critical that the social software your choose can schedule across the range of platforms you need. For example, Tailwind is a specialist in Instagram and Pinterest marketing, whilst the likes of Social Pilot, ContentCal and Planable cover a broader range to include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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